More About Alyasseer
  • General Ledger

    Alyasseer GL system is one of the most efficient, flexible and accurate systems, offering the user an incredible capability to deal with a big amount of data in a very easy way, and flexible enough to fit with any type of business by configuring its properties, rules and restrictions by the user him self according to the policies of the company.

  • HR and Payroll

    Lot of work that was taken days in the past, now will be finished in a minutes, with our system AL-Yasseer for Human Resource and Payroll Management you will replace paper-based, time-consuming and error-prone manual HR/Payroll methods with a flexible, easy to use, localized, scalable and functionally rich solution.

  • Attendance

    Whether you're a small business looking for a resource for simple time attendance solution or a multi-location company needs a complete time attendance solution, we offering AL-Yasseer for time attendance management which includes all the tools you need to create accurate and secure employee attendance records.

  • Warehouses

    It providing you a powerful, easy-to-use, high accuracy Warehouse Management System designed to give a more robust inventory control system and to increase the overall company productivity, in addition it operates well as a stand-alone system or integrated with other AL-Yasseer systems

  • Sales And Customers

    It cares about one of the most important departments in the company, so that this module providing all tools to keep tracks of sales transactions, collecting money procedures and all related tasks, in addition it provides good helpful tools to analyze and follow up sales processes, items profits and customers debts.

  • Purchasing & Suppliers

    AL-Yasseer system for purchasing and suppliers provides a lot of analytical data that allows the merchandising department to have a full control over spending rates, which enhances the department capability of managing the business to maximize profit as best they can, it also provides a follow-up to the suppliers debts.

  • Fixed Assets

    A lot of work that was taken days in the past now will be finished in minutes. And with the high accuracy available for today’s technology, Al-Yasseer fixed assets system provides the solution you need to get a full control over the entire fixed asset lifecycle.

  • Commercial Papers

    Taking care about commercial papers management in a good way provides the company a very effective improving in cash flow, minimizing the risk of accepting commercial papers from the customers and on the other side of the suppliers it helps to pay on time, reflecting a good image of the company and increase its confidence

  • Manufacturing

    In any industrial organization, production costing are the most important processes in the overall system, where the production costing is the main parameter that affects the organization profit, so that we provide AL-Yasseer system which have been designed to handle all the production main jobs

  • Points Of Sales

    Our Point-of-Sale system, offers a truly unique POS solution that is fully customizable to meet the needs of any Retail Store, Restaurant or other Retail business. It provides the administrator all needed tools to fully control all of POS terminals trough a separate manager that allows creating new POS

  • Parcode & Label Tools

    Barcode and Labels always needed in most business types (industry or trading) for all the company items, so that generating labels is the most repeated process, taking a lot of time and work, so that we provide this tool for AL-Yasseer users to allow printing any number of labels (barcode or text) in different formats

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